Three Needle Feed-off-The-Arm Sewing Machine

Three Needle Feed-off-The-Arm Sewing Machine

3 Needle Feed-off-the-Arm CZPT Machine (with CZPT Puller)

Operate Attribute:

one.The specific composition of cantilever tubular is specifically ideal for sleeves,trousers and this kind of sort of caliber factors joint stitching.

two. Give an progress on framework of tubular and fitted with strengthing components,the device will be operating a lot more steadily.

three.Mechanical double puller system (upper and lower) bolster the transmission on cloth, the machine is far more ideal for extra-thick supplies.(Forex-9280-2PL)

four.Inner equipped with mechanical puller engaged with major shaft,make the feed corresponding even far more ,very appropriate for medium-thick cloth.

Utilization:It is ideal for Men`s Suit, fit-Costume, Shirts, Function Satisfies, Jeans ,Tent ,Raincoats, and so forth.. Specially for denim.


mode:Three needles chain stitch


Duration of stitch:1.two-five.2mm

Needle number:three

Needle:TVX5 #18 #21

Motor:370W(Exceptional for sewing machine)

SUB-Course:FX9280-2PL:Medial-thickFX9280- XH-2PL Thickthe gauge sets becoming supplied in different kind and design:1/four.three/8.5/16.1/two, please indicate your prerequisite in element in your buy

Three Needle Feed-off-The-Arm Sewing Machine