China OEM Palm Oil Chain with Special Attachment manufacturer

Merchandise Description

We can offer all types indutrial roller chains for transmission, this kind of as the DIN8187 or ANSI regular roller chains, and specialized in this line for far more than 10years, with excellent high quality and substantial track record in our customers.
Product name: Roller Chain, chain, special chain
Substance: 40Mn with heat-taken care of and with normal thickness for plates

one) A sequence chains:
A) Simplex: 25-1 ~ 240-1
B) Duplex: 25-2 ~ 240-2
C) Triplex: 35-3 ~ 240-3
D) Quadruplex: 40-4 ~ 240-4
E) Quintuple: 40-5 ~ 240-five
F) Sextuple: 40-6 ~ 240-six
G) Octuple: forty-8 ~ 240-8
two) B collection chains:
A) Simplex: 04B-1 ~ 72B-1
B) Duplex: 04B-2 ~ 72B-2
C) Triplex: 06B-3 ~ 72B-three
D) Quadruplex: 08B-4 ~ 48B-4
E) Quintuple: 08B-5 ~ 48B-five
F) Sextuple: 08B-6 ~ 48B-six
G) Octuple: 08B-8 ~ 48B-8
3) Colors obtainable: Natural, yellow, blue, black
four) Resources: Carbon steel, stainless metal-304
five) also can be nickled plated or zinc plated for the chain components

This variety of chain is utilised in the initial levels of electricity transmission development. When the sprocket moves nearer to or absent from the teeth, noise is created as the tooth rub towards the connecting rod. These kinds of chains are used to some extent for low-velocity conveyor chains.

China OEM Palm Oil Chain with Special Attachment     manufacturer