China high quality High-Quality Hauling Drag Chain for Metal Processing Machines Manufacturer Great quality

Product Description

Cable Defense Goods Drag Chain


Drag chain is also identified as Cable provider.  It is a gadget for binding cables, wires, air strain tubes and oil pressure tubes to facilitate their rotation and motion. Drag chain is divided into metal drag chain and plastic drag chain.  Metal drag chain made of metal and aluminum can be personalized.  Plastic drag chain is also acknowledged as engineering plastic drag chain.  In accordance to the different operational environment and specifications, drag chain is divided into bridge Drag chain, totally shut Drag chain, semi-closed drag chain 3. 



one. Content: bolstered nylon, with high stress and 10sile load, excellent toughness, higher elasticity and use resistance, flame retardant, secure overall performance at high and minimal temperature, can be utilised outside.  

two. Resistance: oil resistance, salt resistance, and a specific acid, alkali resistance.  

three. Velocity and acceleration count on procedure: capable of running at higher speeds over extended distances, and able of acceleration and emergency stops.
4. Each hyperlink of the drag chain can be opened for straightforward set up and main10ance.


Specialized Data:

Tensile Strength 180N/mm² Volume Resistance tenten-10fifteenΩ
Influence Strength 50KJ/m² Water Absorbency 4%
Temperature Variety -40ºC~+130ºC Friction Coefficient .3
Surface area Resistance tenten-10twelveΩ Flame Retardancy HB(UL94)


Drag chain is employed in reciprocating movement, which can enjoy a role of traction and defense to the created-in cable, oil pipe, gasoline pipe, water pipe, etc.  Drag chain has been widely employed in CNC equipment instruments, electronic tools, glass equipment, injection molding machine manipulator, dealing with equipment, plastic machinery, lifting gear, woodworking machinery, vehicle sector, industrial automobiles, steel processing machines, machine instruments, CZPT equipment, port equipment and other industries.  

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China high quality High-Quality Hauling Drag Chain for Metal Processing Machines Manufacturer     Great quality