China high quality Heavy Duty Load Bearing Steel Power Track Drag Chain Cable CZPT Chain high quality

Merchandise Description

Item Description

TL drag chains are primarily consisting of chain plate (best quality stainless steel with chromium plated), supporting board (extruded aluminium alloy) and pinshaft (alloy), etc. There is no relative motions in between the cables/rubber hoses and the drag chains, offering no deforming or twists. The chormium plated chain board has really good-looking look and has really rational building and adaptable and substantial toughness. It is reliable and simple to function, put in, dismantal or assemble. It is worthwhile mentioning that the anti-wearing efficiency has been inproved tremendously due to dress in resistant substance and alloy pinshaft are utilised.
The product is flexible to bending and has minimal resistance, providing reduced noises. It can be utilised for a extremely prolonged period of time of time without any deformation or handing down.

Item Parameters

Type Min. width(mm) h8(mm) Bending eadius(mm)
TL30 40-one hundred 25 20
TL45 35 32 50/seventy five/90/114/145
TL65 fifty forty nine seventy five/ninety/one hundred fifteen/125/one hundred forty five/185
TL80 55 56 one hundred/one hundred fifteen/one hundred twenty five/one hundred forty five/185/200/250/300
TL95 sixty 75 114/one hundred forty five/two hundred/250/300
TL115 70 86 a hundred forty five/200/225/250/three hundred/350
TL125 eighty ninety six 200/250/three hundred/350/470/five hundred/575/700/750
TL155 ninety 120 two hundred/250/300/350/450/five hundred/600
TL180 one hundred one hundred forty four 250/300/350/450/490/600/650
TL225 one hundred sixty 200 400/450/600/750/800/850/a thousand
TL250 one hundred ninety 220 400/450/500/600/750/800/one thousand

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Our Advantages

The product is wonderful-looking, which makes the equipment tool till nicer hunting as a whole and tends to make device tools and machineriesmore aggressive in the worldwide marketplace.

  1. The drag chain can adapt to max. relocating pace of 40m/sec.
  2. When at the max relocating velocity, the seem strain of noises shall not be better than sixty eight db.
  3. The support life of the drag chain shall not be less than 1 million occasions (reciprocating).

The item is adaptable to bending and has lower resistance, giving minimal noises. It can be utilised for a really prolonged period of time of time without any deformation or handing down.


Drag chain is suitable for the CNC machine resources, machining facilities, automated machinery and manufacturing lines and other sorts of equipment instruments, robots, transport machinery, measuring devices, managing device and other liquid generate controlas a wire, cable, gas hose defense device, can just take on machine instruments, equipment and tools transferring components run harmoniously, can play a security protection and the capacity to manual, can extend safeguarded wire, cable, liquid, gas hose service lifestyle and reduce consumption, can greatly boost the machine tools, machinery and gear of wire, cable, liquid, gas hose to confirm the unorderly predicament existing in distribution, make it tidy and policies is organized together, can improve the overall inventive effect of equipment instruments.

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This sort of chain is used in the initial stages of electricity transmission growth. When the sprocket moves closer to or away from the teeth, sounds is developed as the enamel rub towards the connecting rod. These varieties of chains are utilised to some extent for low-velocity conveyor chains.
Silent chain, also identified as inverted tooth chain. It is developed to get rid of the unwell outcomes of stretching and develop a silent walk. As the chain is stretched and the pitch of the chain will increase, the radius that the chainrings journey above the sprocket enamel boosts a bit.

China high quality Heavy Duty Load Bearing Steel Power Track Drag Chain Cable CZPT Chain     high quality