Amphibious Excavator Track Chain Used for Dredging

Amphibious Excavator Track Chain Used for Dredging

one. CZPT

Self propelled amphibious multi function dredger Watermaster, Multifunctional pontoons mounted equipment. It is a combination of  a dredging equipment with backhoe bucket and a suction dredger. It can do dredging, reclamation, vegetation taking away, piling perform in really shallow waters, wetland or even dry land, like costal, reservoir,swamp,lake, inland river, ponds,and many others.  It can cruise at about four knots pace by employing its personal propulsion system and move on dry land by employing its excavator arm and tilting again stabilizers.

2. Benefits

1) Effortless for dispatch, transportable on community streets on a common dimension trailer, transport as a comprehensive device-no need to have assembling times, move in and out of water independently CZPT crane support.

2) Cruises on the web site with it’s possess propulsion technique,

3) Use front and rear stabilizers to anchor and equilibrium by itself, make the device in efficient working.

4) Large performance, blend of submersible pump and cutter make it have a large focus even can attain thirty%.

5) 1 particular person working, working theory is comparable with excavator.

6) Can operate quite shallow and narrow areas-exactly where most other devices can’t, like shut river, channel, sedimentation tank, reservoir, pond, and so on.

seven) Install lighting method for continuously doing work and increase effectiveness.

three. CZPT Specs

1)  Engine 

CZPT, turbo charged, water cooled,six-cylinder diesel motor

electricity at 2200 rpm                                                                                                       369kW (360hp)

gas tank capacity                                                                                                          2000 L

electrical method                                                                                                               24 V

batteries                                                                                                                          2 x 240 Ah


2) CZPTs 

One Axial piston pump for dredging and propeller 

highest functioning pressure                                                                                   25MPa

Capability                                                                                                                         145ml/rev

Axial piston pump for digging and stabilizers 

maximum running pressure                                                                                   345 bar

capacity                                                                                                                          85ml/rev


three) Excavator 

swinging angle                                                                                                               180°

split-out power from bucket cylinder                                                                        80 kN

digging force from arm cylinder                                                                                  50 kN

lifting capacity at max. attain                                                                                       22 kN

lifting potential with Power Lift at max. Attain                                                         25 kN

Aquatic quick couplings for other tools 


four) Stabilizers 

front stabilizers, max. depth,                                                                                        5.0m

rear tilting stabilizers(spuds), max depth                                                                   6.0m


five) Hull 

a single piece hull divided into 8 watertight compartments  

corrosion resistant painting outside and inside 

Protective skid bars on bottom

Slip-secure deck, handrails

Mast, sign lights for dredging and navigation  


six) Cabin 

Relaxed cabin with excellent visibility

Comfortable turning seat for simple entrance/exit

One piece movable window

A/C device, heating and air flow  

Total gauging for PLC hydraulics and engine  

Work lights  


7) Transportation Dimensions and Weight

Transportation Size(CZPT growth)                                                                               11.0m

Transport Width                                                                                                             3.3m

Transportation Height                                                                                                            3.1m

Transport Weight                                                                                                         ~twenty.0t


eight) Travel pace with propulsion system                                                                  four Knots


nine) Mud Pump

Mud pump outlet pipe diameter                                                                                 250mm       

Max. Digging depth                                                                                                         6.5m                          

Capacity for sludge                                                                                                         500 m3/hr

Max. Discharge distance                                                                                                1km


ten) Optional Equipment

(the standard ship contains a five hundred liter backhoe bucket )


A. 500 L bucket  

basic backhoe dredging attachment  

for excavating tough soils  

abrasion resistant rails below the bottom 

B. Clam shell bucket  

for environmental dredging   

lengthy attain  

good for loading into barges  

volume 600 l  

C. Rake  

for removal of reeds, roots and other vegetation  

for cleansing the base from trash  

2,75 m vast  

D. Piling bucket 

basic pile driving attachment for wood piles  

for reinforcing shores  

for marina maintenance 

E.  Discharge Pipe

F. Nozzle

Amphibious Excavator Track Chain Used for Dredging